Financing of the project

Financing of the project

Services offered by the specialists of SIDIRAMA Ltd. include:

  • advice on the drafting of business plan;
  • definition of cash flow for the project:
    • own budget;
    • external sources of financing;
    • funding programs;
  • study opportunities and assistance for funding under European programs;
  • support and development of a preliminary budget based on conceptual or technical project on integrated indicators in the procedure for issuing permission for construction to selecting a contractor of construction works;
  • establish a timetable for implementing the project;
  • planning risk utmost to bring unforeseen circumstances and unexpected costs to a minimum
  • update and optimization of revenue in accordance with the development of the Project;
  • developing a financial plan for the implementation of projects consistent with the timetable for the Project;
  • preparation of cash flow projections, according to the agreed and expected costs to completion for the purposes of allocation of funds;
  • advice to draw up contingency reports to the Client in the event of circumstances that threaten the development of the project and its implementation.

Additionally at the request of the investor and offer counseling in developing

European Project for funding:

  • Preliminary consultation and information on European programs;
  • Consultation and development of forms and project proposals to the Operational Programmes;
  • Management and monitoring of projects on European funds and programs;
  • Consultation and development of contracts under the PPA;
  • Consultation and development of public procurement in accordance with written rules, requirements and evaluation criteria of the Operational Programmes;
  • Preparation of business proposals / projects;
  • Preparation of financial analysis:
    • Preparation of investment analysis;
    • Financial and strategic planning;
    • Preparation of draft budget;
  • Preparation of project proposal;
  • Search for sources of financing;
  • Develop a strategy for funding;
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