Tender documents

Preparation of tender documentation and tendering

Services offered by the specialists of SIDIRAMA Ltd. include:

1. Prepare the following documents:

  • offer or invitation to tender;
  • requirements for participating candidates;
  • tender form;
  • contractual arrangements;
  • form of tender participation guarantee;
  • evidence of the credentials of candidates for participation;
  • technical specifications and drawings;
  • technical requirements.

The information contained in a tender in principle there are four main sections:

  • Legal status of candidate
  • Financial status
  • Resource capacity of the applicant
  • Price Section

In Instructions to participants must be given detailed and accurate information about the assessment criteria severity and formation system of auction ball or an integrated assessment of the classification of participants. The most detailed and most accurate directives in the Guidelines are given for bid price – its composition and method of formation.

2. Preparation of tenders for public procurement tenders and more.

  • Study of tender papers;
  • Study location of the object;
  • Make a bid – the definition of its components;
  • Completion of the tender papers;
  • Provision and preparation of internal documents;
  • Provision and preparation of documents by third parties / tax services, etc. /.
  • Sets
  • Verification of documentation
  • Shaping the appearance of the tender.

3. Determination of the bid.

4. Negotiations and contracts.

  • Drafting of contracts, incl. under FIDIC;
  • Analysis of contract terms and documentation;
  • Preparation of information and arguments for negotiation;
  • Negotiations with Investor selection of suitable contractors;
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