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SIDIRAMA LTD.SIDIRAMA Ltd. was established in 1995. as a family limited liability company with 100% private capital and its main activity – consulting services in construction, independent construction supervision in the design and construction management of investment projects, preparation of tender documents and conducting competitions to select the prime contractor , respectively contractors in compliance with the FIDIC, legalization of illegal items, change the designation of sites.

The company is licensed to exercise independent construction supervision in the design and construction as early as September 1999. and thereafter re-licensing, as consultant of 10.06.2004g .- TDA License № 000055 issued by the Ministry of Regional Development and extended to 10.06.2014g. The company is represented by eng.Simeon Yordanov Aleksandrov-General Manager.

The company started its activity in the resort Golden Sands, resort Albena, fulfilling a number of activities incidental construction and reconstruction of a number of sites in these resorts, namely:

  • Project management in carrying out the reconstruction and modernization of Elitsa hotel, snack bar Elitsa, outdoor pool Elitsa, kindergarten Elitsa, road connection and outdoor pool at Hotel Leipzig in Albena;
  • Investment control in carrying out the reconstruction and modernization of the hotel “Ljuliak” I-st stage – resort Golden Sands;
  • Control and management of construction company Albena 2000 AD, making the reconstruction, modernization and new construction of hotel facilities within the resort Albena;
  • All procedures relating to transfer of the investor and the introduction of facilities in operation and exploatation.

After entering in 1999 service independent building supervision in designing and construction company concentrating its efforts in the development of this direction. Performed more items for the period 01.10.1998-10.05.2010 the different types of activities are specified in the attached reference sheet.

To implement the aforementioned activities the company uses licensed software products such as Building Manager, PC Project, AUTOCAD, MS OFFICE XP and others. The company has a highly qualified team of engineers in the construction field who enjoy successfully validated all software in the construction field. The Company employs 42 professionals – engineers in various specialties in construction, which are situated in Sofia, Varna, Smolyan, Bansko, Burgas, allowing the company to undertake projects in different parts of country. If necessary, the company attract additional specialists from Higher Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering – Sofia and the Research Institute building – Sofia.

This enables the company to perform both on 4-5 major sites / hotels, restaurants, pools, etc.. / activities independent construction supervision and Project management with optimal number of staff.
As required by the Act and company policies company maintain a valid insurance policy for each site, which runs independent construction supervision. An insurance policy is valid from the date of commencement of construction until expiration of the warranty periods for different types of work.

The company has successfully developed and activities related to preparation and holding of tenders for construction main contractor, respectively. Contractors, in accordance with the requirements of the Public Procurement Act, FIDIC and general civil law of the Republic of Bulgaria – a complex Riviera Beach – club Riviera, Hotel Ljuliak “- Resort Golden Sands, Hotel Orpheus – Bansko and others.Management of construction activities of the various sites the company operates in full accordance and in compliance with the requirements of FIDIC.

Experience and qualifications of management and specialists in the company allows to realize any project – quality and on time.

Since 1999 the company mainly deals with construction supervision, conformity assessment of investment projects, investment control, project management, preparation of tender documentation, preparation of tenders for selection of participants in construction. Establishments in which the company has worked and works are hotels, restaurants, pools, office buildings, residential buildings and more in Sofia, Golden Sands, resort Albena, resort Sunny Beach, klub Riviera, Sofia, Bansko, Pamporovo, Chepelare, Primorsko and others.Recognition of successful activity the company received awards for the building of the year for the project “Business Centre Bellissimo” (2006), Golf Resort “Thracian Cliffs”-I-st stage – for villas (2010), Orthodox Church St. Archangel Michael – the religious buildings (2010).

Basic motto of the company is “Honesty, quality and customer loyalty”, which is evidenced by numerous positive references produced by the company during their work.

Certification of membership in BACEA Continuation of a license
Certification of membership in BACEA License from MRDP
Building of the Year 2006 - Public buildings with business functions - Bellissimo Building of the Year 2006 - Bellissimo
Building of the Year 2006 – Public buildings with business functions – Bellissimo Building of the Year 2006 – Bellissimo
Diplom Sertificate
Diplom Sertificate
Building of the Year 2010 in the category За нас 10
Building of the Year 2010 in the category
“Holiday Resorts”
Building of the Year 2002 in the category
“Hotel and hotel complexes”
Сграда на годината за 2010 година - Трейшън клифс EEA Certificate
Certificate 9001:2008 EEA Certificate
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