Approval of inv. projects

Approval of investment projects for change of use of existing sites

When an object is revealed in an existing building, the new feature of the site is done mostly through internal refurbishments, repairs and technological equipment.


In the case of conversion associated with additions or upgrading the existing building design and construction are carried out under the new construction:

  • a visa, if necessary
  • opening of construction site
  • follow all procedures outlined in previous sections

In internal reorganizations that do not change the volume of the existing facility procedures begin with the award of the elaboration of investment project


Procedures associated with making the investment project are discussed in Section “Performance of construction and assembly, and solving using the construction”


When interior remodeling partly affect structural elements of the building project in part design is developed in accordance with the rules and regulations for the design of structures


In a change of use of existing sites, without prejudice to the structural elements, when the investment project of construction be imposed constructive opinion (expertise), done by a licensed architect in building structures with the opinion is justified not to harm the bearing capacity of the existing building structure, any change in the workload associated with technological equipment or other factors arising from the new feature of the site


The opinion must be reconciled by a licensed professional for control of constructive


Investment projects shall be coordinated with the operating companies and specialized control bodies depending on the specifics of the site, in the manner described in t.1.6


Necessary documents for the property:


In cases of restructuring and change of use of an object, which is located in a residential building – condominium, depending on its location required documents described in Section I t “Documents Property”, paragraph 2


In the event that the facility is leased, unless the necessary documents of ownership is presented and the lease


Investment projects for reconstruction and change of use of existing facilities comply with the operating companies and specialized control bodies be agreed and approved in the manner described in paragraph 1.6


In the case of restructuring and change of use of existing sites, most often they are subscribers elestrorazpredelitelnite companies, plumbing, heating company. When the owner of the site is changed, an application to the respective operating companies to update contracts


Approval of investment projects and the issuance of a building permit shall be made by the municipal (district) administration, according to the procedures described in Section 1.7

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