Technical passport

Technical passport

“SIDIRAMA Ltd. carries out technical Identification of new and existing buildings and facilities of the technical infrastructure.


Technical passports of existing buildings – state and municipal property shall be drawn up within 31.12.2011.


Technical passports of all the other existing buildings shall be drawn at the following times depending on the category:

  • category – until 31.12.2008
  • the second category – by 31.12.2010 year
  • third category – to 31.12.2012 year
  • fourth category – to 31.12.2014 year
  • fifth category – to 31.12.2016 year

The investigation of the works carried out by a consultant licensed by the Minister of Regional and Urban Development under article 166, paragraph 2, or by designers from different disciplines with full design capacity.


When audits are performed by a consultant in its composition to include individuals engaged in technical control for part “Construction” and included in the list prepared by the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design, which is published in the Official Gazette.


When the audits carried out by designers in their composition to include individuals engaged in technical control for part “Construction” and designers from different disciplines with full design capacity, to evaluate other characteristics of the works on 169, paragraph 1, 3.


Investigation for energy efficiency is part of a general survey of the works and is done by natural or legal persons who meet the requirements set forth in the energy efektivnost.Redat to complete the inspection of buildings is determined by the ordinance under chl.176a by SPA.


Technical passport be drawn:

  • new building – before putting it into operation;
  • for an existing building – following an investigation under Chapter Three;
  • after reconstruction, major upgrade, overhaul, conversion of an existing building or part thereof, and in carrying out construction works / works / it, which require the issuance of a building permit under Chapter Eight, Section III from TDA – before putting it into operation.

In technical passport showing all changes in the characteristics of the construction occurring in upgrading, additions, rehabilitation, renovation, reconstruction or repair.

Technical passport is drawn for the whole construction.


Technical passport can be established for different stages / parts / works in which it is permitted to run and use its own in terms and conditions of Article 152, paragraph 2 SPA.


Upon completion of construction a technical passports for different stages / parts / unite in one passport.


The owners of the works contract awarded by the establishment of technical passports.


Technical passport be drawn up in duplicate on paper, signed by the compiler of the passport, and a magnetic medium.


Technical passport be drawn up in duplicate on paper, signed by the compiler of the passport, and a magnetic medium.


Technical passport of a new building from first to fourth category is drawn by the consultant while preparing the final report chl.168, p.6 SPA. For construction of a fifth category of technical passport is drawn by the technical manager after completion of works.


Technical passport of new construction shall be drawn up before issuing a use permit or certificate for introduction into service.


Establishing a technical passport of an existing building survey is carried out to establish the technical characteristics related to requirements 169, para 1-3 SPA.


The audit includes:

  • establishing a database for regulatory / design / values of the features of surveys construction those associated with the essential requirements 169, para 1-3 SPA;
  • establish the actual specifications of the work on the sections of Part A of the technical passport;
  • analysis of actual technical characteristics of the construction and evaluation of their compliance with the statutory limits specified in item 1;
  • development of measures;
  • drafting a report on the investigation results.

The actual specifications of the work are established by:

  • collect, study and analysis of technical documentation available;
  • executive shooting – in the absence of documentation;
  • inspection and measurements of the building to collect technical data / describe the type and size of defects, damage or disruption to building /;
  • carry out the necessary checks Computing / measurement, test loads, etc…

The actual specifications of the building and comparing them with normative characteristics essential requirements of 169, para 1-3 LSP must be documented in tabular form for each building depending on its purpose.


The investigation of the works carried out by individuals with chl.176v, para 1-4 SPA


What is the technical passport


It begins with a registration number. For buildings and individual objects in buildings where there is an approved cadastral map coincides with the identifier of real estate cadastre. Thus, the numbers can be consulted after the introduction of unified information system for the site. This information will be paid for services outside the cadastre and available to notaries, bank employees in the provision of credit and other, subject to the requirements for data protection.


The passport is divided into four parts:

A – “Key features of construction”


B – “Measures to maintain the structure and timetable for repairs”


C – “Guidelines and instructions for safe operation”


D – “Energy passport”


The first part contains data and parameters of the construction (building or facility): address, type of change – repair and more., Building permits for home construction and a change thereafter.Included is information about areas, volumes, installations and the technical infrastructure, easements, etc..


In the section on the main technical characteristics of A has information about the structure, seismic resistance, durability of construction, fire resistance, ie all data that satisfy the information requirements for the construction of six.


In the section on certificates are certificates for energy efficiency, fire safety, quality of concrete, steel, bricks and others. Ie for all construction products consumed in construction. In the fifth section of Part A has basic information about the owner and consultant, issuing technical passport for most categories of construction, or technical manager who is the author of the document the works of the fifth category. There are also evidence of people carrying out survey and prepare a technical passport.


In the second part of the passport has records of surveys, measures to maintain the building in safety, operations, reorganization and reconstruction, etc., and deadlines for current repairs, including individual structures and elements of the building.


In the third part of the passport information is collected to maintain the building and its safe operation, ie minimum of activities that are mandatory for breach of which will be paid fines. Among these rules and the prevention of slips, trips, hit by falling objects from the roof and facade, here is the protection from noise and environmental protection.


The fourth part of the mandatory technical passport of a building energy passport. It reflects the status of a building at the time of issuance. Its purpose is to verify whether the energy performance of a new building project and comply with regulatory requirements for energy efficiency and what is its expected condition regarding energy consumption.

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