Preliminary studies

Preliminary studies for the property and its assimilation

Services offered by the specialists of SIDIRAMA Ltd. includev

  • consulting for selection of appropriate for the purposes of the Customer property;
  • feasibility studies of existing and underground communications to the property and any prohibitions on the environment;
  • preliminary analysis of the possibilities for development, according to the assignment of the Client;
  • legal assistance for the purchase of property
  • assistance in changing the status of land;
  • assistance in the manufacture of DSP, DSP-PPP or partial amendment to an existing one, the necessary documents for submission and approval;
  • organization of engineering and geological studies – strength of soil, depth of foundation, groundwater, etc.;
  • study of groundwater cadastre;
  • possible communication and urban solutions;
  • possible external connections for water, sewer, electric power, gas, district heating, telephone, TV cable, etc.
  • organizing or consulting assignment and coordination in preparing the draft EIA report for the Property;
  • assistance with a visa for the design;
  • final report.

Preliminary study stage of the investment process, which determines the appropriateness of the idea, her legal eligibility, possible technical and architectural solutions. Provides an overview exploatation and energy costs, the funds necessary for the realization of the building, and opportunities for funding the projects. Serves to establish a task to develop investment projects.

The main stages of the feasibility study are:

  • Legal analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Energy analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Funding Opportunities

Feasibility Study is making a special study before starting the project, which aims to establish and document how its implementation is justified. It is a mandatory step before the commencement of major projects. The results of this study are formed as a report on which to take concrete solutions for implementation of the project or to stop work on it. If the project has good prospects for implementation, feasibility study assesses the chances of success of the project and lists possible alternatives and approaches to it. Count the possible problems and bottlenecks and propose solutions.

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