Design and approval of project

Design and approval of project

Services offered by the specialists of SIDIRAMA Ltd. include:

  • advice or preparing the TOR for the design;
  • exploring the possibilities of using renewable energy sources and the ability to design higher-class building on criteria for energy effectiveness as required by the Principal;
  • advice for selecting optimal technical solutions;
  • preparation of tender documentation for selection of designer;
  • production of a draft contract for design;
  • a tender procedure for selection of designer;
  • establish a timetable for the design;
  • inspection of projects prior coordination with the accession companies and coordination of project documentation with operating businesses Electric, Plumbing, Heating, Gas Supply, BTC, Street Lighting, Irrigation Systems, PMG and SDKO (special state regulators) – HEI, PAD, NCSD, municipal offices, green systems, etc.;.
  • construction project contract with the consultant under the SPA;
  • Review and optimization of projects relating to technical solutions, operational efficiency, reducing investment costs, completeness of the project and compliance with regulatory requirements with regard to that proceeding and its successful establishment of the institutions.
  • coordination and supervision of compliance with interim and final date for design and redesign;
  • Consultation on proposed changes by the Client and their eligibility assessment when significant changes from the approved construction documents and where they may be accepted as executives, limited within the contract period;
  • Organizing the award of design and redesign / conceptual, technical and working projects / TDA and regulations pursuant thereto, in volume and content sufficient to obtain a building permit.
  • production of correspondence with state and / or municipal authorities in connection with issuing a building permit;

Scope of investment projects

The scope of investment projects in accordance with Art. 3, para. 1 NOSIP, depending on the type, purpose, size and location of objects and projected requirements to design solutions may include the following project areas:

1. Parts of architecture and design:

  • architecture;
  • interior and furnishing;
  • design;

2. Parts of installations and technical infrastructure networks:

  • water and sanitation;
  • electric (electricity, electrical equipment and electrical installations)
  • heating, heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
  • thermo efficiency;

3. Parts of the device adjacent to the facility site:

  • geodetic (tracing plan and landscaping);
  • parkoustroyavane and development;

4. Some technology;

5. Part of project organization and execution of construction;

6. Some organization and traffic safety;

7. Other design parts with complex objects and complex:

  • general explanatory note;
  • master plan;
  • court records;

8. 8. Design parts for specific sites:

  • master plan;
  • conservation, restoration and exhibition of cultural objects;
  • ground.
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