Construction Supervision

Construction Supervision

Supervision before construction starts:

Is carried out by preparing a comprehensive assessment reports of investment project compliance with the essential legal requirements for building works consisting of the following:

  • verification of the legality of the existing buildings on the property;
  • verification of the legality of the sketch issued visa (design) with a specified method of construction issued in accordance with enacted comprehensive development plan;
  • checking the consistency of feasibility studies and conceptual design;
  • verification of compliance with existing regulations for research and design Eurocodes and BS and, at the time of drafting;
  • checking for completeness and compliance of structural engineering and other calculations in accordance with legal requirements, where calculations are performed using the software – complete input-output data and company data drawn licensed software;
  • verification of compliance with safety requirements of the project, including: bearing capacity, fire safety, hygiene, environmental protection, heat preservation and energy saving, labor safety during construction through the detailed design of the building works;
  • checking the consistency of the project with all the specialized control authorities and operating companies, depending on the type of construction;
  • checking the consistency between different parts of the project;
  • verify proper design of systems and engineering systems;
  • verification of completeness of project documentation;

Supervision during construction – are engaged in binding following range:

  • lawful commencement of construction;
  • environmental protection during the execution of the work;
  • completeness and proper drafting of acts and protocols during construction;
  • control the execution of works according to approved investment projects and the requirements of paragraphs 1 and 2 chl.169 of SPA;
  • control over the observance of safety conditions at work, according to the project for construction safety and health;
  • ensure non-injury to third persons and property caused by construction;
  • energy efficiency;
  • date of construction to commissioning;
  • sign all documents and reports during construction needed to evaluate the works as required for safety and legality of their execution, according to TSA and Ordinance № 3/2003g. drawing up regulations and protocols during construction;
  • entered in the order book of construction solutions and directions in connection with construction, and monitor their implementation;
  • deal with any technical issues, not altering the project and the scope of his responsibility;
  • breach of technical rules and norms inform Regional Deparment Construction Control /RDNSK/ in three days of the finding;
  • preparation of Technical and Energy passports of new construction;
  • after completion of construction works and following the issuance of written opinions from the specialized control authorities in the lawful execution of the work and its readiness for commissioning prepare a final report to the RDCC / RDNSK.
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