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“SIDIRAMA” Ltd. » Project management

Project management

Project Management – Management of investment projects

Phase – 1 Feasibility studies for the property and its proper utilization

  • consultation in selecting proper for Customer Property
  • feasibility studies of existing and underground communications to the property and any prohibitions on the environment;
  • preliminary analysis of the possibilities for development, according to the assignment of the Customer
  • legal assistance for the purchase of property;
  • assistance in changing the status of land;
  • assistance in the manufacture of DSP, DSP-PPP or partial amendment to an existing one, the necessary documents for submission and approval;
  • organization of engineering and geological studies – strength of soil, depth of foundation, groundwater, etc.
  • study of underground cadastre
  • possible communication and urban solutions
  • possible external connections for water, sewer, electric power, gas, district heating, telephone, TV cable, etc.
  • organizing or consulting assignment and coordination in preparing the draft EIA report for the Property;
  • assistance with a visa for the design;

Phase – 2 Designing and approving the project

  • advice or preparing the TOR for the design;
  • exploring the possibilities of using renewable energy sources and the ability to design higher-class building on criteria for energy effectiveness as required by the Principal;
  • advice for selecting optimal technical solutions;
  • preparation of tender documentation for selection of designer;
  • production of a draft contract for design;
  • a tender procedure for selection of designer;
  • establish a timetable for the design;
  • inspection of projects prior coordination with the accession companies and coordination of project documentation with operating businesses Electric, Plumbing, Heating, Gas Supply, BTC, Street Lighting, Irrigation Systems, PMG and SDKO (special state regulators) – HEI, PAD, NCSD, municipal offices, green systems, etc.;.
  • construction project contract with the consultant under the SPA;
  • review and optimization of projects relating to technical solutions, operational efficiency, reducing investment costs, completeness of the project and compliance with regulatory requirements with regard to that proceeding and its successful establishment of the institutions.
  • coordination and supervision of compliance with interim and final date for design and redesign;
  • consultation on proposed changes by the Client and their eligibility assessment when significant changes from the approved construction documents and where they may be accepted as executives, limited within the contract period;
  • Organizing the award of design and redesign / conceptual, technical and working projects / TDA and regulations pursuant thereto, in volume and content sufficient to obtain a building permit.
  • production of correspondence with state and / or municipal authorities in connection with issuing a building permit;

Phase – 3 Financing of the project

  • advice on the drafting of business plan;
  • definition of cash flow for the project:
    • own budget;
    • external sources of financing;
    • funding programs;
  • study opportunities and assistance for funding under European programs;
  • support and development of a preliminary budget based on conceptual or technical project on integrated indicators in the procedure for issuing permission for construction to selecting a contractor of construction works;
  • establish a timetable for implementing the project;
  • planning risk utmost to bring unforeseen circumstances and unexpected costs to a minimum
  • update and optimization of revenue in accordance with the development of the Project;
  • developing a financial plan for the implementation of projects consistent with the timetable for the Project;
  • preparation of cash flow projections, according to the agreed and expected costs to completion for the purposes of allocation of funds;
  • advice to draw up contingency reports to the Client in the event of circumstances that threaten the development of the project and its implementation.

Phase – 4 Implementation of the project and commissioning

  • drafting a contract for construction and supply contract, the principles of contractual provisions of the International Union of Engineers-Consultants (FIDIC), but adapted and harmonized with the current legislative and regulatory framework of Bulgaria.
  • preparation of tender documentation for selection of contractor-builder;
  • conducting a tendering procedure for selection of a contractor-builder;
  • involvement with investors in the negotiations for signing a contract with Artist-builder;
  • negotiate an optimal price performance of all works;
  • carry out all activities related to coordination and supervision of all participants in the investment process and observance of the technological order of execution of works and quality of their performance, embedded in the project requirements and regulations.
  • an investor under the authorization granted to the state and municipal authorities and assist in obtaining permits and approvals
  • carry out ongoing monitoring of those responsible for compliance with safe working conditions and observance of technological discipline;
  • carry out assistance and advice to participants in the investment process of integration into the contracts of their obligations to the general schedule.
  • review of works performed and quality of materials and whether they comply with the provisions of the Principal;
  • conducting weekly priobektovi, kordinatsionni meetings with participants in the construction process to address current issues and control the observance of the timetable for implementation;
  • attend site and continuously monitor the work, the rejection of faulty operation, inspection and testing;
  • coordinate the work of building laboratories, sampling and analysis, and quality of materials, preparations, equipment and types of work, to meet with the applicable regulations;
  • require the builder immediately repair and removal of any faulty or defective work;
  • monitor the performance of all certificates of origin and quality of inputs;
  • help resolve disputes between participants in the construction occurring in the course of work;
  • evaluate proposals for changes in constructor drawings and specifications and with them their recommendations to investors for approval
  • constantly keep folders of correspondence, minutes, set drawings, contracts, order book, rules, etc.
  • prepare the investor’s monthly reports on progress of work and its conformity with the timetable for implementation, including analysis of significant deviations analysis of the financial status of project reports for cash flow information for the workforce, engineering reports, daily reports on the work site, etc.
  • carry out daily control of documents for payments, includingmonitored by measuring the actual work, their compliance with the draft decision, with the agreed unit prices and the timing of their implementation;
  • sign on behalf of investors acts performed and received without remark works;
  • continuously monitor the payment procedure to be under the construction contract;
  • prepare and organize the order together with all participants in the investment process with a view to signing the Protocol Form 15, as per Ordinance № 3 of ZUT/2003
  • carry out ongoing monitoring of the company’s work-site supervision of the site;
  • INVESTOR informed immediately of any identified problems (technical, organizational and legal nature) associated with implementation of the process of building relationships between participants.
  • where the investor either alone or together with the Project Manager stop making poor quality works executed species, or entire sub-structure, the investor must give its orders with or through the Project Manager, expressing his opinion on the impact of this suspension of execution of the intermediate and deadlines for the completion of construction;
  • prepare a final report on the progress of works and budget execution;
  • establishment of operational instructions in case of accidents and other events during the construction of the site.
  • financial reports – cash flow;;
  • all procedures relating to transfer of the investor and the introduction of facilities in operation;
  • supervise the surrender and compiling the entire built documentation;
  • advice on establishing the organization and preparation of necessary documents and preparation of comprehensive tests and 72 hour service in such arrangements and any other tests required by Bulgarian standards and laws.
  • advice on establishing the organization of training of operations personnel with installers of plant, equipment and maintenance before handing over the site for use.

Phase – 5 Operation during warranty period

  • instruction and training of operations personnel for proper maintenance of installations and facilities in building;
  • organizing committees and preparation of documentation of inspections in the occurrence of defects occurring within the warranty period;
  • in the presence of defects organizing committee with a representative of the CLIENT, designers, HCH and CONTRACTOR that a protocol is observed the following:
    • describe the defect is found;
    • describe the reasons which it gave rise;
    • plan the activities which must be carried out;
    • indicate the period for removal of defects found;
    • indicate at whose expense will be the removal of defects found.
  • aid the investor in the proper operation of the site / building with a view to reaching the design capacity of facilities and equipment;/li>
  • carry out procedures for releasing detainees guarantee amount after the expiry of the period of maintenance / 12 months from the date of granting the permission for usage.

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