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“SIDIRAMA” Ltd. » Investment Control

Investment Control

Investment Control

In awarding the Client Investment Control, Sidirama Ltd. performs or participates in the implementation of all or part of the following activities:

  • participate with the investor in preparing TOR for the design, as well as to assist in connection with granting permission for construction of the site;
  • participate with the Investor upon acceptance of completed design work on different stages, each stage of the design has the right to review the design work and within 7 working days of their adoption, a written objection to return those who in his Review not complete and do not meet the job or do not comply with the applicable laws and regulations;
  • study the cost of construction. Quantitative and bills;
  • provision and analysis of data on business investment intent;
  • participate with the investor in selecting subcontractors and suppliers on site;
  • monitor the performance of the principal contractor in the execution of construction works at each stage of construction without interfering with the production work of the latter;
  • monitor the quality of construction works correspond to the BSS and other technical regulations;
  • monitor the execution of construction works to be consistent with the working drafts and both sides signed bills of quantities;
  • approved with investor offered by the company-contractor on the site, samples of materials to be incorporated in the facility;
  • measured and considered only the work actually carried out in accordance with the requirements of the project;
  • establish compliance only actual work with the agreed unit prices;
  • establishes a correlation only works with actual timing of implementation;
  • certify with his signature act obr.19 in volume and value of completed and adopted by the CAW and supplies.
  • checked in accordance with the evidence, the quality of supplied materials, structures, their state of the object and permits their use, provided they meet the relevant requirements. If found deviation from accepted standards suspend its use, and require their removal.
  • assist company main contractor for timely resolution of questions which arise in the process of construction problems.
  • carry out controls on pricing and prices of species works.
  • participate in the committees drafting the necessary legislation for concealed work as required and participate in a trial run before their closure.
  • during the period of the construction committee to organize the appearance of latent defects and take remedial action.
  • assist in the authorization of the Investor upon issuance by RDCC / RDNSK permission to use the site.
  • promptly inform investors of irregularities related to the quality of performance, weaknesses in the organization of work and violation of technology by the company, general contractor of construction works on site, offering measures to remedy the same.
  • coordinate the incorporation of materials and products which are not produced by BSS, and also requires the standard of the country of production to its present validation samples that are stored in it. In individual cases and provide reference performances.
  • monitor the implementation of construction and any suspension or delay at his own initiative, shall immediately notify in writing the investors, and express their concerns and suggestions.
  • performing supervisory duties, may issue an order to stop certain types of work or the whole building, and shall notify the investor giving reasons, and its views on the impact of the suspension of the implementation of interim and final deadlines for the execution of the work.
  • organize all procedures relating to transfer of the investor and the introduction of facilities in operation;
  • organize the monitoring and transmission in compiling the entire built documentation;
  • organization and create the necessary documents preparation and construction of comprehensive tests and 72 hour service in such arrangements and any other tests required by Bulgarian standards and laws.
  • Promote the training of operations personnel with installers of plant, equipment and maintenance before handing over the site for use.

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