Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

The Company has all necessary equipment to carry out energy auditing and certification of buildings used in the construction of new buildings to ensure the investor to achieve the design parameters of the object and hence higher energy class.
The Company is in the process of certification by EEA.


Energy auditing and certification of buildings


The main task of the study is to establish energy consumption level of technology and management of the site, saving heat and heat the building, compliance with standards and regulatory requirements for energy efficiency.


Each building may be auditing and certification, but the mandatory energy audits and subsequent certification shall be subject to all buildings, public or municipal property with a gross floor area – greater than 1000 m


The process of inspection of buildings includes:


* Study, measurements, calculations and analysis of a building, evaluation and comparison to reference technical standards, feasibility reasoned proposal for energy saving measures, environmental analysis and a proposal to develop a plan for implementation of selected measures into operation, development of indicators and procedure for monitoring the impact of introducing the measures.


* Preparation and presentation of the report and a summary of the results of the audit.


* Issuance of the certificate (Category A or B) after carrying out detailed energy audits in accordance with the requirements of technical rules and norms.


Depending on the year of construction of the building certificate is issued category A or B, according to Ordinance № 19, 16, as follows:


* Category A Certificate is issued for buildings built by 1990. and meeting the requirements of applicable regulations for the design, implementation and adoption in place at 1999. and buildings meeting the requirements of the Ordinance under Article 15, paragraph 2 of the EEA and the Ordinance on 169, paragraph 3 and SPA 169, SPA al.1.t.7 for 10 years.


* Class B Certificate is issued for buildings meeting the requirements of relevant legislation on the design, implementation and adoption, effective as of the year of introduction of the buildings in use for a period of 5 years.


Holders of certificates issued under the Energy Efficiency Act and the Regulation on certification of buildings for a period of 5 to 10 years depending on the category of the certificate shall be exempt from property tax, according to the adopted amendments to the Law on local taxes.

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